Caught in Nice Alpes-Maritimes

Activities proposed around the fishing

All fishing activities - at sea, freshwater etc ...

Lure fishing on boat

Vertical jig, Trolling or casting

Spin or cast fishing

Palamita, tuna, bonito, barracuda, mackerel, Atlantic horse mackerel, mahi

The richness of our continental shelf free environment enables Pelagic fish (Bonito, Mackerel, Bonitos, Tuna ... etc) to approach the coast to gather the shoals of anchovies and hunt them at the surface. This produces what we call a hunt "chasse" (bait balls or forage balls) that is very spectacular to see but also to fish by the Spinning technique.. If the season lends itself to it we can locate fish using Sonar and GPS that fits my boat, in this case we will use the art of Jigging (fishing vertically with leaded lures) to lure fish at the bottom. This technique is the one that will allow you to be able to capture the largest number of different species of carnivorous offering you a pull that you will not soon forget. It's in the early morning at sunrise or late afternoon when the sky turns blood red and offers you an amazing show that predators go into a feeding frenzy seeking any victim difficulty to eat! This moment will be the most suitable to use the technique of trolling with lures. This technique will guarantee extreme feelings in case of attack!

Trolling fishing on boat

With Lures or living bait

Fast trolling fishing

palamita, bonito, leerfish, dorado, barracuda

Trolling with lures can prove to be very effective on predators and can hold many surprises for you. I will make you discover the different families of lures and will guide you towards the best choice according to the fishing zones and the size of the forage fish. Some of our favorite species for fishing are particularly unobtrusive at certain times of the year, and this technique can often flush out large predators you do not suspect the presence by prospecting in different ways. Indeed, if the technique is used correctly, fish will not hesitate to jump on lure sometimes exceeding 20 cm! Do not wait, book your day!

Trolling with Life bait on boat

A fishing full of sensations and very productive!

Trolling with Life bait on boat

Sea Bas, Sea Bream, Dentex

Live fishing is my favorite technique, it consists of looking for live bait using the sounder and GPS. Whether with squid or with fish of different species (squirrels, mackerel etc ..) I will make every effort to teach you the slightest subtleties of techniques that can catch live. Once the live caught and put in the tank of the boat we will leave on the best fishing areas of the region with a very specific equipment to try to capture the fish of your dreams! Do not hesitate a minute! Sea monsters are at your fingertips!